The Bridge between China and Germany

Our first China Center starts in Hamburg, the German trade capital and the city with the biggest Chinese community.


We establish a new business concept by combining trade and economic activities with China-related cultural events, arts, music and food.


Like an Expo-Pavillon we represent China and integrate the active community and the existing networks in Hamburg and Germany.


This combination of Business Center, permanent exhibition, product showroom, culture/arts/museum and living chinese/german community will represent the power, creativity and traditions of China and strenthen the relation to Germany and build a bridge between them.

Our multilanguage expert network

We integrate the leading organisations to get access to experts, customers and cooperations partners for our international network


The biggest Entrepreneur Association in Germany with a number of more than 60,000 members as possible customers, investors or partners for you.


Our network partners are experts in international business culture and to get access to the chinese market also for german partners.

DCW Deutsch-Chinesische Wirtschaftsvereinigung e.V.

We are member in the German-Chinese Business Association to be part of a strong international network.

Your Company Base

We invite you to be part of our strong community and to use our Center as your company headquarter for your Europe business.


We help you to start or improve your sales activities with our network of experts in the whole process of export and import, marketing and sales, customer relationship and communication.


In our Center we offer a permanent showroom for your products or services, full service meeting areas, an integrated shop and regular events to attract visitors and possible customers.


Our Team

Phillip Rosen


Phillip lived and worked in China for 8 years. He is responsible for the communication and the translation. He speaks German, English, Spanish and Chinese.

Roland Becker


As the CEO of the BDS Business Association in Hamburg he is responsible for the network activities and the sales (speaking German and English).

Wang Wenyu

Sales Manager

She is our contact and sales expert in China. As an expert in fairs and exhibitions she helps you to prepare your step into the European market.

Fu Xiao


Located in Hamburg she will be responsible for the communication, translation and the personal customer care in our Center. 

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